Starring:Scott Eastwood, Ana de Armas, Gala Weiss, Kaaris & Freddie Thorp

Antonio Negret

Producer:Pierre Morel Derek Haas, & Micheal Brandt
Genre:Action Thriller
Runtime:1hr 33mins
Official Page:Overdrive Official Page

A notorious crime boss forces two legendary car thieves to steal a vehicle to win back their freedom. Joined by two beautiful women, the team has one week to pull off the daring heist or risk losing everything, including their lives.

Show Times

Fri: 12.45pm (300/-) & 6.50pm (600/-), Sat: 6.45pm (600/-), Sun: 9.00pm (600/-), Mon: 6.50pm (600/-), Wed: 10.15am (300/-) & 5.00pm (500/-) Thur: 1.15pm (300/-) & 9.00pm (600/-)


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